Brain Mapping Therapy is a powerful  and non-invasive process that can eliminate or improve symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, brain damage, depression, Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, migraines, PTSD/Stress, substance abuse, addiction, autism, chronic fatigue, epilepsy/seizures, insomnia, memory loss, obsessive/OCD, stroke, and more.

When your brain works, your body responds!

The Brain Map Report

Here are several pages from the brain map report:

Brain Map Report  Brain Map Report

brain map report magnitude

This page shows an analysis of each lobe of the brain (frontal, parietal, central, temporal and occipital) for each type of brain wave: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta. Green indicates a normal level, red is elevated and yellow is extreme.



The Discriminants Analysis page (below) shows a visual meter for the major functions of the brain, such as the cognitive, emotional, memory processing, executive functions, and more.
brain map Discriminants Analysis

The Emotional and Cognitive Analysis compares the results of your self-assessment against the results of the brain map and helps identify problem areas within the brain. Red indicates a strong potential match, green indicates no match.
brain map Cognitive and Emotional Checklist

The Midline Analysis is a visual reference of your brainwaves compared to normal ones. Gray bars are normal levels, color bars are from your brain map.
brain map protocols and supplements display

Based on the results of your brain map, the report will generate suggested protocols for training your brain back into normal ranges, as well as suggested supplements.
brain map protocols and supplements display

This information copied with permission from Clear Mind Center.


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