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High Temperature Resistant Methyl Silicon Resin  
dioxo piperazine carbonyl chloride  
1-(Mercaptomethyl)-cyclopropaneacetic acid  

The basic goal of Zhejiang HuTu PharmChem Co., Ltd. is to make long-term contributions to the development of organosilicon series products and achieve success in this market. We think a kind of excellent enterprise culture has close relationships with enterprise's growth and development.

Basic characteristics of Zhejiang HuTu PharmChem Co., Ltd.: innovative spirit, team work, keeping improvement, clients first.

Innovative spirit: To be a modern manufacturing enterprise with excellent image and evident competitive advantages in the fields of organosilicon series products.

We work hard to:

1. set up challengeable and competitive goal;
2. carry forward hard-working spirit;
3. accept ceaseless changes of market requirements;
4. challenge present situation;
5. keep studying;
6. listen to different suggestions and opinions;
7. learn lesson from success and failure.

Team work: To update products increasingly and challenge severe competitive situation, we need team work and strict discipline.

We work hard to:

1. engrave that employees are always company's wealth;
2. respect and trust each other;
3. exchange experience;
4. communicate goals and expectation clearly;
5. open, frank, unified work;
6. think our biggest happiness the the team's success;
7.insist on seeking, perfecting and keeping career style in the enterprise's managing activities.

Keeping improvement: Our business require that we take product and quality as the center.

We work hard to:

1. make and keep promises;
2. strictly carry out quality control criterion;
3. do what we should do;
4. offer new and competitive products;
5. be proud of our work.

Clients first: The close relationships with clients and agents are the basis for our success.

We work hard to:

1. listen to clients' opinions, get to know clients' expectations and requirements;
2. provide high-quality, satisfying before-sale and after-sale service;
3. give timely feedback, solve problems for the clients;
4. establish a wide range of cooperative relationships.

Home   |   About us   |   Culture   |   Show Info   |   Products   |   Quality   |   Career   |   Order   |   Contact us   |   Chinese
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